Civil society

Business associations, patient and family communities and non-governmental structures that encourage the active participation of different representatives of society and innovation towards understanding their needs.


It provides free 360º services for the attraction and consolidation of investments in Alcobendas, from prior consultancy to the soft landing space and follow-up after installation. It relies on the contributions and involvement of large companies and all the social, educational, sporting and cultural sectors of the city.

The main organisation that brings together and represents the interests of companies, associations, foundations, universities and technology and research centres that carry out activities in the field of biotechnology in Spain.

A public law corporation that represents, promotes and defends the general interests of the region’s economic agents, and provides services to companies operating in the Region of Madrid.

Non-profit foundation. We create technologies for a radical shift towards a medicine in which patients, especially rare disease patients, take control of their health through their data and collaborate with doctors and institutions to improve their well-being.

Association for the Promotion of Innovation in North Madrid, whose mission is to promote and strengthen the relationship between the research activity of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the business environment of the North Madrid area.

Corporación de derecho público que representa, promueve y defiende los intereses generales de los agentes económicos de la región, y presta servicios a las empresas que ejercen su actividad en la Comunidad de Madrid.