Projects and networks

DIH-bio is a catalyst for innovation, technology and health projects and initiatives at regional, national and European level:


Aid to promote the transfer of knowledge, technology and technological innovation to the business fabric included in the priorities of the RIS3 Strategy of the Region of Madrid through technological innovation liaison bodies co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Horizon Europe: Horizon EIE-2021-Connect DIHsP4_Medicine

DIHsP4_Medicine is a European project that is part of the “European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE)” initiative of the European Horizon Programme. It aims to create more connected and efficient innovation ecosystems that support the scaling up of companies, foster innovation and stimulate cooperation between national, regional and local innovation actors.


Open innovation ecosystem of the Northern Territory of Madrid based on science and technology and led by UAM Emprende, the Entrepreneurship Unit of the Autonomous University of Madrid. K-node acts as a link between the business fabric, universities and associated research centres, public administrations and economic agents with the ultimate goal of improving the innovation and competitiveness of Spanish industry based on scientific, technological and cultural knowledge.


K-Marketplace is the access platform to a large knowledge space promoted by the UAM to encourage the exchange and linking of ideas, experiences, knowledge and technologies, as well as the search for solutions to challenges between researchers, inventors and companies. This initiative seeks to promote the development of knowledge, science and technology and boost innovation in the market.


DIH-bio participates in international networks and European initiatives to promote digital health for all:

ECHAlliance Innovation Ecosystems

DIH-bio is part of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), a global digital health connector that aims to facilitate the creation of international ecosystems and the connection between health stakeholders to drive sustainable and disruptive change in the delivery of health and social care.

As an ECHAlliance ecosystem representing the Madrid region, DIH-bio will collaborate and work with other national and international ecosystems to implement innovative solutions that improve the quality of people’s health and wellbeing, the effectiveness of healthcare systems and the creation of business opportunities, wealth and prosperity in the Madrid bioregion.