Public administration

National, regional and local government institutions of a public nature and other legal entities in order to design public policies and support innovation initiatives in areas of high societal impact.

Administraciones locales y regionales

It works to consolidate the local productive fabric and has an office to promote investment in the city. It contributes to improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing municipal services and programmes for innovation, training, financing and networking.

Madrid City Council has been working to boost local economic activity by supporting the development of technological entrepreneurship projects and offering various financial support mechanisms. In addition, it offers the possibility of access to resources and facilities from which it provides support to the promoters of new innovative business initiatives.

The Government of the Region of Madrid is the collegiate body that directs the policy of the Region of Madrid, with executive and administrative functions, as well as the exercise of regulatory powers in matters not reserved in this Statute to the Assembly of Madrid. It has its headquarters in the Real Casa de Correos de la Puerta del Sol.