Biomedical data analysis

Data Analysis Unit, La Princesa Hospital




Public or private organisations with an interest in biomedical data analysis.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data.

Need addressed and benefit provided

Analysing massive biomedical data to obtain knowledge in the field of health (insights, monitoring, prediction, etc.).


The Data Analysis Unit (DAU) of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital de la Princesa (IIS-IP) aims to provide both basic and clinical researchers with support, advice and active collaboration in the numerical analysis and visualisation of data from bio-areas.

It aims to act as a “first point of call” and advice on many of the topics, as well as being a strong support in the areas where it has the most proven expertise. Due to the high degree of computerisation in all medical equipment such as medical records, records through external, internal or portable temporary monitors, sequencers, etc., it is necessary to use tools and methodology specially designed for the treatment of the increasing amounts of data.

For all these reasons, the UAD is key to the development of the centre’s research projects, in many cases multidisciplinary, multicentre, national or international projects.