Knowledge base for stroke prevention

p-Ictus, INDRA




Public administration – FEDER-INNTERCONECTA project.


 Big Data, predictive algorithms (AI).

Need addressed and benefit provided

The main objective of p-Ictus is to establish a knowledge base for the prevention of stroke, which allows us to anticipate its onset, distinguish its causes with certainty, establish an early diagnosis and improve the treatment of patients.

From this knowledge base, p-Ictus develops a set of tools to help decision making both at a clinical level, to be used from the different clinical stations by health professionals, and at an organisational level, to be used from public health departments by health provider managers.


The complete project comprises the following work:

  • Creation of a database for analysis, with the processes associated with information management: its ingestion and disposition through the appropriate Big Data and information processing tools, and the proprietary and external algorithms to be used.
  • Prediction of health behaviours related to stroke: creation of new prediction algorithms based on physical and mathematical models not applied to date in the health sciences, and adaptation of existing algorithms and techniques. This will be managed from a library of algorithms.
  • Application in consultation of the results to carry out personalised medicine, such as the classification and typology of Ictus, risk assessment and clinical complexity of patients in order to provide a decision-making tool for the health professional.
  • Generation of knowledge applied to decision support tools for clinical management and a management model oriented towards health results.
  • Creation of a repository of knowledge generated by p-Ictus so that it is accessible to all professionals.