Services of value for innovative companies

New science and technology companies, FPCM




Entrepreneurs, innovative companies, technology-based companies.

Need addressed and benefit provided

Support services, support in early stages of technological development and business growth. Team building, alliances, financing, communication, participation in events, fairs and networking.


Since its inception, the Fundación Parque Científico de Madrid (FPCM) has been a driving force for the development and adoption of new technologies. Support for new innovative business projects, technology-based, developed by innovative companies, by technological entrepreneurs or transferred or licensed from research entities/groups, feasible to be protected, technically validated and driven by teams with innovative business model proposals, has been constant since 2001.

40% of the more than 300 projects that have passed through its facilities during these 20 years have been oriented towards the development of ICT technology projects, aimed at the digitisation of processes and activities in SMEs, boosting their improvement and competitiveness. Digitalisation projects supported by the entity, with an impact on sectors related to area 2 of the RIS3 of the region, which constitute a shared success due to our support in their growth strategy, either in the search for profiles, technological and commercial partners, financing, communication and networking, we can highlight, Nimgenetics (genomics, personalised medicine, nutrigenomics platform), Enimbos (cloud services for companies), Aratech (web services and apps for business development), Lifelenght (diagnostic platform), Pharmactive (nutraceutical development), Genaptics (genomic reports platform for B2C), Biomol (bioinformatics), Naudit (software platform for Lims), Bioassays (retroviral vaccine platform), Synthelia (chemical-pharma processes), Cybentia (cybersecurity), Natac (bioactive compounds development platform), Telstar…