Bioeconomy platform



2018, 2019 y 2020.


Scientists, business, policy makers and society.


Digital platform for contact between the different stakeholders.

Need addressed and benefit provided

The bioeconomy is Europe’s response to the major environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world today. The bioeconomy focuses on reducing dependence on limited fossil resources and ensuring the production and supply of safe and healthy food.

By promoting the sustainable production of renewable resources from land, fisheries and aquaculture, and their conversion into bio-based products and bioenergy, the bioeconomy will drive the growth of new jobs and industries.

With the Biovoices project we seek to encourage and promote, with the participation of all actors involved in the value chain, a positive perception of bio-based products, because only social acceptance will encourage their widespread use.


AseBio participates in the European project Biovoices, whose objective is the creation and development of a bioeconomy platform that involves all stakeholders, in order to promote and facilitate the access of bioproducts to the market.

Biovoices is driven by a consortium of thirteen entities, including AseBio, which is leading the construction of the community and the identification of the main actors involved. AseBio members can join this platform as experts and participate in the events organised, where they can share experiences with the rest of the stakeholders.